POLISHANGEL® | VIKING SHIELD is specified by us on POLISHANGEL® Sweden for Nordic conditions and climate. It is developed by POLISHANGEL® German laboratory and produced only in small batches to ensure that you get an absolutely fresh product. POLISHANGEL® | VIKING SHIELD includes Silica and Titanium Dioxide. Silica gives an extremely hard durable surface that protects against corrosion. Titanium dioxide provides extreme shine and color transparency. We have given Viking Shield a creamy consistency for it to be easy to apply and wipe off. Viking Shield leaves no residue on the plastic parts.POLISHANGEL® | VIKING SHIELD cures in about 2 hours and can be applied in an extra layer. No other paint protection on the market have an equal layer thickness and gives an equally high performance protection against environmental impacts.


- First Make sure the paint is dry, clean

- Shake before use

- Apply a thin, even layer of the product with cosmic applicator pad

- Allow to cure for 20-30 minutes

- Wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth

- 500ml is sufficient for approximately: 25-30 cars

- Extreme shine and mirror finish

Apply a thin layer by hand or machine. Dry after about 20 minutes,

VIKING SHIELD can easily polish off by hand. Viking Shield cures in about 2 hours and can be applied in
several layers. Avoid contact with water, sunlight and heat during this time.