With COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAYCOAT COLOUR there are new star born which excell, in a never been so easy way, the full spectrum of your car colour.

POLISHANGEL® specialise in colour-matched and perfectly interlocking handmade automotive finishing systems. This exclusive and unique system is unmatched in quality and sustainability. Each colour pigment generated is called a special colour spectrum or light spectrum. Millions of special micro pigments produce an extremely concentrated colour density to create a firework of spectral colour.

Type your colour into the Colour box.

 :: For Colour Code Matched type the colour code followed by the colour name. 
          **example for Ford's Tangerine Scream:
               "M7280A Tangerine Scream"
:: For a generic single-colour, simply type the generic color into the box. 
           **example: "Black"     

Durability : 12-14 Months

*:NOTE:* 2-Part System - Use INVINCIBLE | PRIMER or PRIMER SPRITZ before COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAYCOAT form the full hardness.

POLISHANGEL® GLASSCOAT™| COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAY COLOUR is the latest developed spray coating with PRIMER adaption, which allows us know to get a minimum protection up 12-14 months.

COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAYCOAT has a very high concentration Silica and Titanium Dioxide. Silica produces an extremely hard durable surface that protects against corrosion. Titanium dioxide provides extreme shine and color transparency.

COSMIC SPRITZ requires only a minimal amount of product to be effective. COSMIC SPRITZ leaves no residue on the plastic parts. Can be used as a drying aid.


  1. Thoroughly clean and decontaminate paint
  2. Use INVINCIBLE | PRIMER or PRIMER SPRITZ, which contains the hardeners for COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAYCOAT
  • * Work INVINCIBLE | PRIMER until it is nearly clear to ensure the hardeners are prepared to accept COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAYCOAT.
  • * If defects are severe, use MASTER COMPOUND prior to INVINCIBLE | PRIMER.
  • * The use of INVINCIBLE | PRIMER negates the need for any IPA or Panel Wipes prior to applying this coating.
  • * After using INVINCIBLE | PRIMER apply the first coat of COSMIC within 9 hours.

Alternatively, use PRIMER SPRITZ instead of PRIMER polish.


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Surface must be cool and out of direct sunlight
  3. Make sure surface is prepared and free of contamination before applying
  4. Spray a very small amount onto the paint surface or into a microfiber towel
  5. Then immediatley wipe on and off

For Relayering:

Allow 30 minutes after initial application before applying a second layer. Specific binding receptors ensure perfect cohesion. For perfect layering we reccomend to aplly 2 coats.


  • * Wipe on & Wipe off no curing time need on surface
  • * The surface should not come in contact with heat or water in the following 12-24 hours
  • *  Over the 24 hours following application, the gloss & hardness will increase tremendously

After Care:

For after care we recommend washing the vehicle with GLASSCOAT SHAMPOO. Also use COSMIC SPRITZ SPRAYCOAT for maintenance without PRIMER.

Content: 500ml