GLASSCOAT™ | INVINCIBLE | PRIMER SPRITZ is the spray alternative to INVINCIBLE | PRIMER polish. 

Some paints are finicky to finish down with certain polishes. PRIMER SPRITZ allows you to use GLASSCOAT™ | COSMIC on any paint. 

PRIMER SPRITZ removes any surface impurities left after polishing and leaves behind the hardeners uniquely formulated for COSMIC

Works great with any coating or other protective product!

No other paint prep flashes so well as PRIMER SPRITZ

"Primer Spritz has set the standard for coating prep, not only does it smell great and clean incredibly well, it flashes extremely quick making your job easier." - DJ Mayo of DJ Mayo Studios


1. Polish paint to your satisifaction
2. Spray PRIMER SPRITZ onto a towel or directly onto the surface
3. Wipe with clean microfiber towel
4. Apply COSMIC or other coating within 9 hours

 Safety Data Sheet - Sicherheitsdatenblatt

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